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Mark Zukerberg, the youngest billionaire of the world had created this fascinating social networking site to connect with his college friends. But what we are doing, just gathering there and starting connecting with our friends. So, like use millions of people have scattered there to chat, gossip and make fun with their friends. Now its your time to make something interesting and earn a great amount. Most of the people have become totally mad about Facebook and spend all day long in creating new friends, friendships, exploring celebrity Fan Pages, groups and social applications. Some days before my friends in my country watched television when they got free time. But they are now spending hours at Facebook. Now you need to create something special pages, groups, feeds, games and other applications to attract people and start earning from them.

Below I post you some good ways to earn from Facebook. They are easy but they needs knowledge about coding & writing.

Create a page

You just start a free blog (http://blogger.com) about famous celebrities like  Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama and more on. Just start the blog and start posting daily with good gallery and of course unique, useful and great posts. Then go to Facebook. Search for Michael Jackson, then you will find a page already created there. Go down. Below at the left, you will see 'create your own page'. Click that and start that and suggest that page to your friends. Then request them to spread them. If you do not have friends who are going to help you in need, then http://twiends.com is your mate here. Go there and like other pages to get your page liked there! Then as soon as you have huge number of fans in your page, you can start connecting with them. Write more and more about the celbrity & tell them to visit your blog. As soon as you have a good number of traffic in your blog then, start marketing with Google Adsense and get paid each time your ads are clicked!

Sell your existing product
Wrote an ebook? Start a group, blog and page on the topic. Write more two versions of the page. Write useful articles about that ebook topic and tell your reader, 'to learn more, buy the cheap book'. This is a good way to earn. Play with clean. Start writing articles and practice writing. And try to give value of your customer's money. Then you will say they are working further advertising for your product for free and they will become your regular subscriber, like you are the subscribe of mine. Didn't subscribe yet? Look at the right side and start receiving new post from me in your blogger dasboard.

Do affiliate Marketing

Don't knpw what's affiliate marketing? Just join commissionjunction.com and start receving money commissions each time your recommended products are sold. These are not your products. You are promting other people's and earning from each commission.

Great Profit From Facebook - How To Do It


Facebook is now the biggest social media on the internet. Billions of people are gathering there for friendship, fame, fun, entertainment and almost everything on earth. All successful men in the world says,

"Where there is people, there is money!  Where there is money there is people!"
So take a shop as an apposite example. If daily hundreds of people visits there, products will be sold automatically. Thus the shop's owner'd be benefited. Then he'll again use a portion of his profit for the further development of the shop. He will open many brances in different areas & different countries. Thus the earnings will increase automatically.

Copied from - Honey Tech Blog

If you've read the above example, then you've understood the strategy. The most fantastic quality of Facebook is that it already has innumerable TRAFFIC. Now you need to catch them and bring to your blog and find some profits. Here is your income.

Not only this Traffic, in this blog I'm going to show you Tonns of other systems to earn minimum $1000/month from Facebook. For this reason, you're here to read out my every post. (If you want to sleep on a bed of MONEY!)